Replacement Phones

Replacement Phones

Have you lost your phone? Had it stolen? Or did it break? Regardless, Cellular Repair & Exchange has a wide variety of used phones supported by most carriers for you to choose from.

As phone technology has become more mobile and part of our lives all the time, accidents are happening more often and the need for a quick replacement is necessary. Unfortunately, the process of getting a replacement can, at times be very expensive (especially if you’re not due for an “upgrade” from your carrier).

We’re happy to carry an array of replacement phones at competitive prices for your convenience! Give us a call, come into the store, or maybe we can answer your question in the FAQ’s below:


What is a replacement phone?


These devices aren’t necessarily used phones. They can be new, used or re-furbished and are sold without a plan. Again, replacement phones really come in handy when an old phone gets lost, stolen or destroyed and you’re not yet eligible for an upgrade.


What carrier can I use a replacement phone on?


Replacement phones are designed to work on a specific carrier’s network. In order to continue using your existing carrier without hassle and glitches, find a replacement phone with the name of your carrier. A new contract is not required if you’re already in the middle of one. You will be able to use all of your carrier’s data with the new device as well.


How do I activate my replacement phone?

We’ll do it for you! If you still have the SIM card in your old phone, it can be transferred or you can purchase a new one if you completely lost your old phone. We will do our best to transfer your data, number, contacts, etc. in a quick manner and have you on your way.