Ever go into a Verizon, AT&T or another carrier’s store to purchase a new phone and have a pushy sales-person throw extra “needed” parts and accessories in your bag? Maybe you are looking for extra parts, but you don’t want them forced on you, some of them are unnecessary, and you would probably like to shop around.

As the technology in our cell phones has skyrocketed, the technology in extra parts and accessories is keeping up. There are so many parts out there, but which ones do you really need? Here are 3 suggestions:

Power Banks

Car chargers and older models of external battery chargers are out the door because of these new charging ports. Find one that is compatible with your device and enjoy the benefits! Many power banks will hold a charge for days, allowing you to plug your dying phone in anywhere; they’re small enough to fit in a purse or bag; and some have multiple USB inputs for multiple phones.

Smartphone Accessories

Camera Accessories

In an age where smartphone photography is at an all-time high, doesn’t it makes sense to look for accessories that will make shooting on your smartphone better and easier? From replaceable lenses to mounts to tripods, there are many options out there. Check out this article from gizmag to view some of the best new options in 2015.

Cases/Screen Protectors

You probably already realize the value of protecting your smartphone by owning a case and screen protector. If not, get on it! Although, we’re happy to fix your phone when it cracks or breaks, why not get a layer of protection that prevents that?

At Cellular Repair & Exchange, we have several parts and smartphone accessories for you to choose from in-store. Come on in and get the parts you want that will compliment your cell phone usage perfectly.