Comparing smartphones and deciding which is best is tricky because everyone has their personal preferences. People are also loyal to certain brands and may only be looking to buy an iPhone because they already have a Mac or iPad.

There are also arguments that the amount of megapixels in a camera do not necessarily mean a better camera and a high resolution doesn’t mean that much at all. Another thing to consider is the trade-offs in a high battery life. mAh, represents the total amount of energy a battery can store at one time; however, the higher the mAh, the larger and heavier the phone is.

Despite all the personal preferences and the arguments over which metrics should be used in determining the best phone, here are a few facts you can use in this brief smartphone comparison guide:

smartphone comparison


Which smartphone is your favorite and which metrics are most important to you when deciding what to buy? Do extra features and specialties outweigh the basic specs? Are you loyal to a certain manufacturer or platform? Maybe you just go for the cheapest phone on the market! Leave us your thoughts in the comments.