smartphone repair misconceptions

One of the most common reasons why people buy a new cellphone is because it has become damaged and/or has lost some functionality. People need access to their apps, and if a button doesn’t work or something is not sliding correctly, the phone becomes nothing more than…a phone. Gross. It’s 2016.

Here’s a quick list of popular smartphone problems that can be fixed easily and affordably:

Broken Screen—the misconception lies in the fact that users either think the screen will cost too much to replace, or they believe a broken screen means you have to get a new phone, regardless. Cellular Repair & Exchange can repair your broken screen so you don’t have to purchase a completely new phone.

Touch problems—smartphones need to be able to sense your finger in order to function. The operating system can become corrupted and the sensitivity can change. Sometimes it’s an easy fix to get you swiping and sliding how you used to be.

Speaker Issues—a lot of what we do with cell phones has become hands-free. It therefore becomes imperative that the speakers work. If you are having speaker issues, Cellular Repair & Exchange can provide the quick and affordable fix you need.