Tablet Problems

Is your tablet not working properly? Don’t stress about it, you’re not alone! You can always bring it into our offices in Tulsa or Little Rock for a same-day fix and turnaround. However, maybe it’s a simple issue that you can fix on your own. Here are a few common problems and easy solutions:

“My tablet keeps locking up”

This happens sometimes and you can fix the problem by holding down the power/lock key for 8-15 seconds. After that, your tablet should reset by turning itself on or off.

“My battery won’t charge”

Start with the obvious – is the socket providing power? Is your charger damaged? Is your tablet able to charge with a standard USB cable or does it need a specific one? Try using different chargers, if it still doesn’t work, bring it into us.

“My touchscreen isn’t responding properly”

If your tablet doesn’t have a lot of memory space, its touchscreen may be slower to respond. Try closing out all of your apps and deleting items you no longer use.

At Cellular Repair & Exchange, we fix anything from Samsung tablets to Toshiba tablets to iPads. If you’re experiencing any issues and cannot find the right solution – call us, ship or drop-off your device, or stop into one of our stores.