“Roughly 58% of searches are done on a mobile device,” according to Search Engine Land. What does this mean? It means most people are using their smart phones to get information they once only used their desktop for. Maybe you know you need a smart phone to make your life easier, but what exactly does that entail?

Easy Access to Goods/Services

Businesses are making their products/services easier for consumers to access. That can come in the form of doing a quick search and click to get directions to a nearby restaurant. This can even come in the form of an ad that brings you to a text message you can then send to that business requesting information on products or services.


The amount of apps, games and videos available on smartphones are limitless, leaving you entertained for hours on end. You will never be bored while waiting on a friend to meet you for dinner or when you’re stopped at a red light. (We don’t recommend this, but everyone does it.)

High Tech

Technology is changing quickly. One of the newest changes is the fact that you can use your smart phone to hook up to virtually any device around the house in order to control music, the temperature in your house, change television stations, feed your pet or even start your coffee for you.


The examples above are just a few ways smartphones can help to simplify your life.  Considering all the above and the fact that 2.87 billion people in the world will be using smartphones by 2020, according to Statista, it is something no one can ignore. Businesses are making their products more easily accessible for consumers on mobile, you can find anything to keep you busy and technology is changing rapidly. So, do you need a smartphone? The answer is yes and if it breaks, call the industry leader in quick, affordable repair.