Yes, it’s that time of year again – the season for giving. But all that giving can put a dent in your wallet (or better yet, your credit). If you’re looking to make some extra cash for the Holidays, the following website apps will help you out. Not only that, but you might end up selling something that helps someone else out with their gift list.

eBay – Nearly everyone has heard of eBay, and most people have used it to buy or sell a wide array of items, including beauty products, clothing, accessories, home décor, furniture, kitchenware, appliances, electronics, automobile items and more. Sellers can set items to be bid on at a minimum price, a “Buy It Now” price or a Best Offer price. Sellers also have the option to either ship items out or meet up with buyers locally if desired or necessary. Sellers and buyers can message each other, as well as rate each other on their transactions. Sellers do have to pay fees for listing items (although there are listing fee deals and waivers throughout the year) and final sale fees (where a percentage of what is made on the item is given to eBay, and PayPal is the method of payment.

Etsy – Etsy focuses on vintage and homemade items, including home décor, clothing, accessories, beauty and makeup products. Buyers can rate transactions, as well as leave detailed reviews about the items they’ve purchased. Just like eBay, sellers have listing fees and final sale fees, and PayPal is a method of payment here as well.