Depop leans mainly toward clothing and accessories, but also has collector’s items and memorabilia as well (such as books, music, art and more). Interested buyers can message sellers any questions they have about the item, as well as haggle a bit for a better price. (While Depop is available on both PC and mobile phones, messaging and purchasing is only available through the phone app.) PayPal is the method of payment here as well, and Depop requires a PayPal transaction fee, as well as a 10% service fee on sold items.


VarageSale is an app that shows items based on the user’s geographic location. Users have to request to join local communities for selling and buying purposes. Home décor, furniture, electronics, clothing, accessories and more are sold on the app. Buyers and sellers meet in person so the buyer can see the item before pay for it. Also, there are seemingly no seller or buyer fees for this app.


OfferUp is another service that links users together through their geographic location. Clothing, accessories, home décor, appliances and automobile necessities are among some of the items available. Transactions are completed face to face with cash, meaning they don’t and won’t request selling or buying fees, and buyers and sellers can rate each other on the transaction afterward.


LetGo is similar to VarageSale and OfferUp in that it allows users to buy and sell locally. Many of the same items are available – clothing, accessories, furniture, video games, and more. Sellers can set their prices in stone or make them negotiable. However, sales are not completed on the app, meaning there are no listing fees or final sale fees, but also means it’s up to the sellers to get paid properly. LetGo does suggest PayPal payments or cash payments in person.

Vinted USA

Vinted features clothing, accessories, beauty and bath products for both women, men and children. Selling and trading are a part of their service. Sellers can upload videos displaying their items. Prices are negotiable, and sellers pay no service fee (but buyers pay a 5% service fee and a 70-cent flat fee).

These are just a few of the apps available that allow users to sell various items online. Figure out what works best for you so you can make some extra money for your gift shopping (and maybe yourself too).