Everyone has personal preferences for the types of apps they want to use on their phone, but there are certain types of apps that are necessary for everyone, regardless of preference or circumstances. If any of the following types of apps are missing on your cell phone, consider downloading a few of these today.

Shopping/Coupon Apps

Everyone needs to buy something at some point, and there are certain shopping apps that help make buying certain products and services easy and less expensive. Obvious apps include Amazon and eBay. But there also grocery store apps and big box store apps that offer coupons for many everyday items, along with points and special offers based on your shopping habits. Groupon is a popular coupon app for products as well as services (anything from catering to eyeglasses and more) and events (such as sporting or concert events). There are also general coupon apps like the RetailMeNot and Coupons.com apps that can be used in various stores for numerous items.

Health Monitoring & Prevention Apps

Taking care of your health is important no matter who you are, whether you’re monitoring current health problems or trying to prevent unhealthy issues now and in the future. There are numerous food and exercise apps like ShopWell and FitBit that can help monitor caloric intake and outtake, as well as nutritional needs. Apps like Yodish help individuals with special dietary needs such as gluten-free diets, vegetarian or vegan diets, and people with food allergies. There are also self-diagnostic and self-monitoring medical apps from WebMD, as well as disease-specific apps that will help people monitor their specific health needs. (NOTE: These should always be used in conjunction with professional diagnosis and monitoring from a doctor).

Safety Apps

Anyone and everyone is susceptible to emergencies in life, whether it be natural disasters like floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires, or man-made situations such as car accidents, shootings and bombings, or medical emergencies such as seizures or heart attacks. Therefore, anyone with a phone should have apps for these situations, as they could save lives. (It’s likely even better to review the information on these apps long before you are ever put in any of these situations.) The American Red Cross has a few free apps for several of these situations. Their First Aid app covers everything from allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, asthma attacks, bleeding and broken bones to seizures, shock, and strokes. Listed for each issue are short steps to follow to treat the individual in need. There is also a Pet First Aid app to help treat some of the same issues for dogs and cats. There is an Emergency app for various natural disasters, as well as separate apps such as Tornado, Flood, Earthquake, Swim and Hero Care for locations and situation-specific alerts and instructions. There are also other apps from other companies addressing first aid needs for kids and traveling situations, and standard weather apps to keep track of certain weather patterns that could result in natural disasters.

It never hurts to have phone apps with money-saving, life-changing and life-saving information at your fingertips. Take some time out of your day and download the apps above to help make your life cheaper, healthier, safer, and overall, easier.